All tenders strictly comply with the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act regulations as well as the latest amendments to the Act.

Open Tenders

Tender NumberTender TitleDate PublishedCategoryDownloads
EPZA RFP No. EPZA/1/2021 - 2022Provision of Transaction Advisory Services in the Structuring of Investment Projects to be Undertaken by the Export Processing Zones Authority Through Public-Private Partnership13th July 2021Open to General PublicEPZA_Provision-of-Transaction-Advisory-Services.pdf



EPZA RFP No. EPZA/2/2021 - 2022Provision of Consultancy Services for Master Plan Designs for EPZ Public Gazetted Zones Within the Country,
13th July 2021Open to General PublicEPZA_Master-Plan-Designs-for-EPZA.pdf




FINANCIAL YEAR 2021-2022/2022-2023
19th May 2021Open to General PublicRegistration_Prequalification_Document_2021-2023.pdf



EPZA Tender No.
03/2020 - 2021
Provision of EPZA Medical Insurance Cover for the Financial Year 2021-202218th May 2021Open to the General PublicTenderNo.3.pdf

EPZA Tender No. EPZA01/2020 - 2021Tender for Provision of Security Services6th April 2021Open to the General PublicAdvert_Security_April_2020-2.pdf


EPZA/EOI/01/2020-2021Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Supervision of Construction for Development of a Railway Siding and Associated Infrastructure at Export Processing Zones Authority, Athi River 27th October 2020ConsultancyAddendum
EOI Document
Clarifications to Request for Expression of Interest
EOI Minutes and Clarification.

Closed Tenders

Tender NumberParticularAwardDirectors/Share HoldersTender Publication DateTender Opening DateAmountKRAIncorporationTax ComplianceValid Up toAward DateFinancial CapabilityEvaluation Committee
Tender No. EPZA/08/2018-2019 Proposed Industrial Sheds Infrastructure- Civil Works at Athi River EPZ, Machakos County. JILK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED 391,906,649.31P051219607C C.153001
EPZA tender no. 01/2017-2018 Security Services Cobra Security company Ltd 02nd Feb 2018 09th Jan 2018 16,926,720.00 P051109548Ec.62757 KRAEON9055582201704/12/2018 02-Feb-18 365,775,825Jonathan Chifallu, Jonathan Chepkwony, Betrice Miuruiri, James Kimani
EPZA Tender No. 26/2015-2016 Roads (Lot 2 completion, repairs and maintenance of old roads) Aridlands Construction Co. Ltd Issak Sheikh Gabow
Mohamed Issack Sheikh
7th June 2016 21th June 2016 146,272,981.00P051189470LC.127502 KRA18/04208/2014 19/06/2015 20th July 2016 Meshack Kimeu, Joseph Anzetse, Arthur Mugo, James Kimani
EPZA RfP No. 04/2015-2016 Feasibility Study, Business Case & Technical Advice for Textile and Apparel Skills and Productivity Resource Center Gherzi Consultants (India) in JV with Voyants (Kenya) 7th June 2016 21th June 2016 27,311,858.32U74140HR2004PTC046918
EPZA Tender No. 27/2015-2016 Partitioning, Fit-out and Equipping of Textile and Apparel Skills and Productivity Resource Center Charwins Ltd Charles Mwaniki Kamau
Winfred Wambui Mwaniki
7th June 2016 21th June 2016 20,330,875.00P051020321c.158354 KRAEON4052632016 20/06/2016 26th July 2016 23,485,789.00Thomas Soigwa. James Kimani, Arthur Mugo, Joseph Anzeste
EPZA Tender No. 29/2015-2016 Construction of Internal Access Roads and Civil Works (Phase 1) at the Kenya Leather Park (Kenanie EPZ Site) Marcann Contractors Co. Ltd Kennedy Kaundah Opiyo
Elsiedora Achieng Opiyo
Maoti Group Ltd
10th June 2016 27th June 2016 120,036,496.50 P051200602CC135972 KRAEON4933852016 23/08/2017 3rd August 2016 49,693,899.00 Thomas Soigwa. James Kimani, Arthur Mugo, George Onyango, Joseph Anzeste
KLP/KLDC-EPZA Tender No. 1/2016-2017 Design & Construction Supervision of modern Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) at the Kenya Leather Park EPCO Builders Ltd 14th Nov 2016 20th Dec 2016 2,265,324,225.99 P000610486R C.16734 KRALTO4863782016 14/08/2017 30th Jan 2017 2,265,324,225.99 Thomas Soigwa, Charles Ndung'u, James Kimani, Arthur Mugo, Joseph Anzeste, Clita Waswa
EPZA Tender No. 12/2016-2017 Decommissioning of dumpsite and Construction of Other Civil Works at Athi-River EPZ Marcann Contractors Co. Ltd Kennedy Kaundah Opiyo
Elsiedora Achieng Opiyo
Maoti Group Ltd
15th June 2017 29th June 2016 150,260,710.00 P051200602C C135972KRAEON493385201623/08/2017 3rd August 2016 68,007,218.00 Meshack Kimeu, Thomas Soigwa. James Kimani, Arthur Mugo, Joseph Anzeste
EPZA Tender No. 04/2014-2015 Construction of 43,832 Square Meters of New Industrial Sheds China National Aero Technology International Corporation (CATIC) 22nd Nov 2014 11th Dec 2014 at 11.00 a.m 1,100,000,000.00P051342418P China Registration no. 10000000001009(4-4) No. CF/2010/34731 KRANON0322142014 02/10/2015 22nd Dec 2014 Benjamin Chesang, Michael Omusula, Q.S Fransic Kingori, Arch. Athur Mugo, Alice Atogo, Davis Chele, Stanley Njue
EPZA Tender No. 02/2014-2015 Construction of 6 Kms of new Paved Roads (Lot 2) Aridlands Construction Co. Ltd Issak Sheikh Gabow
Mohamed Issack Sheikh
23th Nov 2014 13th Dec 2014 at 11.00 a.m 411,855,885 P051189470LC.127502 KRA18/04208/2014 19/06/2015 Kenneth Okello, Denis Kinyua, Margaret Njoroge, Victor Okoth, Mercy kamunge, Wesley Otieno
EPZA Tender No. 03/2014-2015 Construction of Water Infrastucture for EPZA Hirola Investment Ltd Khadija Muhumed Abdi
Omar Muhumed Digala
23th Nov 2015 14th Dec 2014 at 11.00 a.m 310,008,576 P051346881PC.125131 KRAWON087179201422/06/2015 216,699,491
EPZA tender no. 14/2016-2017 Remodeling,partitioning & Associated Works at EPZA Admin Building Athiriver Epza Geokarma Construction Ltd 27th Jun 2017 10th June 2017 11,969,160.00 P051240866A c.167740 KRAEON713640201727/06/2018 13/09/2017 54,844,088Jonathan Chifallu. James Kimani, Arthur Mugo, Joseph Anzeste
EPZA Tender No. 03/2016-2017 Construction of 8 Km long Pre-cast Concrete fencing to upgrade security at the Athi-River Textile Hub Atticon Limited Emily Nkirote Buantai
Patrick Kibunda
31st Oct 2016 14th Nov 2016 165,281,886.60 P0512016673Sc.137816 KRAEON489961201618/08/2017 06th Dec 2016 976,803,799.64 Thomas Soigwa. James Kimani, Arthur Mugo, Joseph Anzeste
EPZA RFP No. 01/2016-2017 Design & Construction Supervision of Water Supply, Storage and Distribution Infrastructure at the Kenya Leather Park Kiri Consult Ltd Mungeria Kirimania M'Kirigia
Simon Kariuki Nderi
Judah Muriithi Kibeteru
Mercy Gakii Mungeria
31st Oct 2016 14th Nov 2016 54,357,600.00 P051168086L C.114635 KRAWON5373022016 18/10/2017 15/12/2016 Benjamin Chesang, Joseph Anzetse, Elijah Odhiambo, James Kimani
EPZA TENDER NO. 04/2016-2017 Construction of trunk Sewer Pipeline II Lot 3 at Athi River County Dexterous Ltd Ezekiel Bosire Ogao
Geofrey Bwoma Mauti
Orora Gitambo George
Charles Onsembe Manduku
31st Oct 2016 14th Nov 2016 213,278,864.98 P051409810ZCPR/2012/91073 KRAWON554612201608/11/2017

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