Visit by Legislatures from The Uganda Parliament

A delegation of Legislatures (Budget Committee) from The Parliament of Uganda visited EPZ Authority and later Royal Clothing EPZ Limited, Athi River EPZ as part of their benchmarking exercise to Kenya. The discussions between EPZA management led by Mr. Stephen Odua, the Ag. Chief Executive Officer and the members of the Uganda National Assembly revolved around how the EPZ program is managed by EPZA, efforts towards increasing the 20% limitation to selling garments produced by EPZs within East Africa as stipulated in the East African Customs Protocol and EPZ’s contribution to Kenya’s gross domestic product. Currently, EPZ enterprises are allowed to sell 20% of their total annual production with the region which Kenya says this has compelled some investors to withdraw their investments from the country. Royal Clothing, a garment manufacturing plant commenced production recently. Garment manufacturing remains a dominant activity in the EPZ program.