Enterprises License

The Enterprise License is issued to companies directly involved in export-oriented business activities. The license is US $ 1,000 annually.

To qualify for an EPZ Enterprise license, the following conditions must be meet;

The company must be involved in the following activities:

The Company must already have an export market with minimum 80% of its annual output to be exported. Sales of up to 20% of the annual company's output may be sold within the East African Community after compliance with the legal tax procedures if granted approval by the Minister for Industry, Trade and Cooperatives.

NOTE: Companies involved in Commercial Activities must export 100% of their turnover.

The Company can only operate within a designated Export Processing Zone.

There is no minimum level of investment and any proportion of foreign or local shareholding is permitted.

The EPZ Enterprise License Application Procedure

The EPZ Enterprise License Application must be fully completed and submitted to the EPZA with non-refundable application fee of US$ 250

The EPZ Authority appraises the completed application within 30 days, advices and facilitates is obtaining all statutory requirements then issues the EPZ License.

The Statutory requirement required are as follows: