Developer/Operator License

This license is issued to those engaged in developing infrastructure and buildings on EPZ gazetted land to be occupied by themselves or other EPZ enterprises. The license is US $ 5,000 annually.

An EPZ gazetted land also referred to as a Zone is land that is designated as an EPZ. A zone can either be Public – owned by the EPZ Authority or Private – owned by an individual/company. There is no restriction on the size of land nor location for EPZ gazettement.

An application is made to EPZA in two respects:

Application for designation of the land area as an EPZ

The EPZ gazettement or the designation of land as an EPZ is done through a Legal Notice in the Kenya Gazette. Once all conditions are met, The EPZ Authority will then recommend Gazettement to the Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives who then approves it. The approval is then sent to the Attorney General’s Chambers.

For land to be gazetted as an EPZ, the following conditions must be met;

Application for Developer/Operator License

The EPZ Developer/Operator License Application Form must be fully completed and submitted to the EPZA with non-refundable application fee of US$ 250

The EPZ Authority appraises the completed application within 30 days, advices and facilitates is obtaining all statutory requirements then issues the EPZ License.

The Statutory requirement required are as follows:

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